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About Us


Who We Are?

Honey Vacation Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 20th December 1997 providing a full spectrum of travel adn destination management services from scheduled leisure tours, corporate travel services to special interest travel and tailor-made itineraries. With and unblemished track record Honey Vacation has established itself as a reliable travel and desination partner.

Our Business

We see our core business as an endless series of opportunities to deliver various travel and tourism lifestyle products, solutions, services adn the ultimate value our clients have come to expect. we recognize that our constantly changing industry is both  a challenge and an opportunity. We see our potential not just to react to those changes, but to anticipate them. We become our client ‘s indispensable allies by uniting their expectations and our people to understand what our client’s need –  even before they need it. What we do, we do with passion. Passion is our ultimate driver. With passion we aim to build our business further and create a world class organization. These are the thoghts, our vission that unites us as a team each and every day and is the hallmark of our customer-driven culture.

Resilent Business model

Our high client retention rate and industry achievemnt speak volumes for our service and expertise. Honey Vacation’s business model is predicated on obtaining repeat business by offering clients a superlatives, high quality customer experience. This is achieved through the provision of a tailored, personal service, in conjunction with a high degree of follow-up focused around customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Boasting a complete suite of cutting edeg travel solutions to the leisure and corporate markets. Honey Vacation’s service range encompasses a full spectrum of innovative and reliable solutions to our diverse customer base, starting from profesional account management, specialized services, best airlines and hotels rates with competitive pricing structure. Indeed Honey vacation is a one-stop travel-shop dedicated to providing all your travelling needs.

We value legacy and tradition as much as distinguished service and sophistication, these are the qualities you can find in our partners. To provide the ultimate in value and experience we work wqith our prefered travel partners to make hotels, tour and airlines available that suit every traveler’s needs. We have personal, first-hand experience with our prefered partners and extend this knowledge to all of our customers.

Our Core Values

To Deliver Happiness

It goes without saying that our expertise and knowloedge has been developed over time to such and extent that we can provide the right travel solution to meet our clients every travel need. The substantial volume of travel generated through Honey Vacation, provides us with the ability to negotiate the most competetive price for you, whether its for airfares, cruises, coach travel, holiday packages, car rentals, hotel accommodation, travel insurance or any large or small item that is so importantin making your travel experience, even more enjoyable. And by topping all that up with your dedicated team of travel profesionals we continue to demonstrate “Delivering Happiness” every day in every way.

If success to be savored, then barriers need to be confronted and removed:

  • We strive everydayt, being the best that we can be, with integrity, initiative, and dependability to achieve our specific goals and aspirations by breaking down all possible barriers to our success and the success of our employees, customers, associates and stake holders.

Keeping on focus on Operating Excellence in expanding the business horizonn by being a geniune customer-centric company going to extraordinary lengths to tsatisfy and delight our customers with happiness.

We will:

  • Always start with a smile
  • We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change.
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity; each of us is responsible for the quality what ever we do.
  • Deliver superior service performance.
  • Foster and internal enviroment of innovation, collaboration, and trust.
  • Stay di;igent and encourage, pratice and promote Responsible Tourism.

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